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TricksterNoire To right there. Once everything is said and done on this account I'll probably be moving there. :u Too many inactive watchers and baggage on here. So yeah I'll message I'll my watchers about this.
So this involves my Fanapaces ZB and IP.

So it's basically like this:

One day after doing job IP comes to her house, and finds a note taped to the door. The note says it is urgent and that she must take a shuttle to Prospit and go to the hospital. That's all it says.

Fearing the worst, IP abandons everything right there, not even bothering to clean the paint off of her and gets to Prospit ASAP. In the Hospital she finds ZB badly injured. Her shell is cracked and bent, she is covered in her own blood. It turns out a patient she was trying to help snapped and turned on her.

IP wants to murder the Prospitian that hurt her right then and there but realizes that ZB wouldn't want her too. She stays for as long as possible, trying to urge ZB to get better. On most occasions IP would wish death upon all Prospitians, but now she wishes will all of her might that this one live. She only now realizes what means to her. ZB is her everything, her one true friend in her world of darkness. She wants her to live no matter what.

Days pass with some sign of recovery, and just as they think she'll make a good recovery, ZB dies. IP screams and screams for ZB to wake up, trying to get her to wake up, how she need to stop fucking around and just wake the fuck up.

Realizing that ZB is never coming back, IP leaves Propsit in despair and anger. She doesn't look back.
I dreamed that my Nana beat the crap out of Diamonds Droog now that's cool and all but



An AU where Team Sleuth and the Midnight crew (Along with a certain Homestuck character!) are all kids. Very interesting and kept me reading until the very end.
It's dark, dramatic, and can be bittersweet at times! It's a bit of a long read though but defiantly worth it. It may not seem like much from the description, but hoo boy just keep reading. I just couldn't stop!

TW: Swearing, Violence, Suggested Murder, Murder
Rated: ???
Suggested Rating: Mature
Well, it's that time of the year again! It's Halloween which means that it's time for horror, candy, and all sorts of tricky non-sense! So you know what I'm doing to help celebrate the season?

Trickster art trades! You draw me a Trickster, and I draw you one! I will draw any kind of OC, Homestuck or otherwise!

For myself, I want IP's Trickster design drawn for me:… Candy is Chalk Candy because mmm yes chalk candy is awesome

So if you want one, just send me a message or comment below to get one of your OC's Trickster-Fied or have me draw one of your Trickster's! <3

Thanks for reading!

It's mostly going to be Homestuck, Furry, and Mass Effect though I also do a lot of other things. I also have music, but don't worry it's not autoplay! 8)
Any follow is greatly appreciated!

- Name: Zoe S. R. B,

- Eye Color: Blue-ish grey I don't even know anymore
- Hair Style/Color: Kind of like a dirty blonde and it's like cut so there's like really long bangs but then it's like kind of short I don't really know
- Height: 5'7" and like a half I think
- Clothing style: Jeans and T-shirts, except when I want to dress formally then bitch I'm dapper as fuck
- Best physical feature: I don't even know lol


- Your fears: Being alone, having no one, torture, being buried alive, falling, the dark.
- Your guilty pleasure: Romance and romantic fanfiction. Just all the sweet tender stuff uUu
- Ambitions for the future: Maybe an elementary school teacher or maybe a biologist or something


- Your first thoughts waking up: I wonder what's going to happen today?
- What you think about most: The future and what I can do to make things better for myself and others, plus romance.
- What you think about before bed: Whatever really keeps my mind at ease at the moment really.
- You think your best quality is: I don't even really know umm, maybe that I can read people well? I guess that ties into the whole empathetic-psychic thing though, but I guess after years of kind of being forced to read people it became a bit of a skill I guess


- Single or group dates: Single I guess. I don't know why you would want to go with lots of people that just seems like it could end pretty awkwardly.
- To be loved or respected: Um wow this is a hard one. I guess respected because that would get me farther and then it probably would be easier to find someone who loved me among the respected than to find someone who respected me among the loved I don't even know.
- Beauty or brains: Brains for sure. I would rather be smart than pretty.
- Dogs or cats: I can't even really decide on this one I love them both equally so just both I guess?


- Lie: Sometimes.
- Believe in yourself: Not always.
- Believe in love: Yep!
- Want someone: Not someone specifically.

- Been on stage: Yep. Was in a theatre group for two years so I kind of had to be pffff
- Done drugs: Nope.
- Changed who you were to fit in: A few times when i was little yeah, but then I found out that the other kids were huge assholes who only tried to take advantage of me so I basically told them 'you know what fuck you i'll be who i want to be.'


- Favorite color: Like Indigo and crap it's such a pretty colour.
- Favorite animal: I can't really decide on this one lol
- Favorite movie: Easy A I guess it was just so funny and I could watch it a thousand times over.
- Favorite game: Mass Effect 2 was actually really fun I can never get tired of that game, plus the characters were so fucking awesome, this game actually had the best selection of squad mates sin my opinion.

- Day your next birthday will be: November 22
- How old will you be: 15
- Age you lost your virginity: I still got it
- Does age matter: To an extent yeah.


- Best personality: Well it has to be someone who is kind of like me, yet can still oppose me and my personality and give me a bit of a challenge. I wouldn't be able to handle someone who is a complete pushover. They also need to be at least somewhat smart, into most of the same things I am into, and is comfortable talking about our feelings together.
- Best eye color: I just don't even really care to be honest.
- Best hair color: I don't know maybe just like a brown or like dark brown I guess.
- Best thing to do with a partner: just talk and play games and stuff together.


- I love: Poutine
- I feel: kind of tired
- I hide: not really anything to be honest
- I miss: my pets
- I wish: that me and my family could move through our rough patches a little easier.
Sometimes I just kind of hold up my anger and crap until it kind of explodes and that was what that was haha <3

Again, sorry for that!
Almost NONE of you are active! I wish I could just take all of you unactive watchers AND DUMP YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE SERIOUSLY GTFO

If you like my art it would be nice if I got a favourite or maybe a comment sometimes. Because really??? This much watchers and I get like, no attention at all on here.
Almost NONE of you are active! I wish I could just take all of you unactive watchers AND DUMP YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE GTFO
1=I don't like you very much
2=You're okay
3=You're a cool person
4=I want to be your friend
5=You are my friend/family member!
6=You're a really cool person
7=I like you and your art! I'm glad I watched you!
8=You're a really good friend!
9=I would date you (Note me!)
10=I would date you, and I like your art! (Note me!)
I need money to get something very exclusive which is only available for another 23 days!!! I really want to get this thing (hintslickpakhint) so if anyone could commission me that would be super cool.

Inked sketch-3$
Coloured Sketch-3$
Inked Picture-4$

My email for paypal is

Please I just need one more person!
That's right! You can win 100 points, just draw thsi fantroll:… , and for bonus points this one (separate picture): Though I would prefer the first one.

Why do I want her drawn? Because I want to get some good pictures of her to use for actual reference! You even have more chnace of winning if you make an actual reference sheet!

Please, go ahead and draw! I will be waiting!
Sketch- 15 points
Inked sketch- 20 points
Bust- 25 points
Chibi-20 points
Badge- 30 points
Coloured Sketch- 20 points
Inked Picture- 25 points
Colour+Inked- 30 points

Please commission me! I have so little to do and I really need to take my mind off of things!

Also: Digital paintings are 40 points. Sorry! If they don't turn out very good you only have to pay half price!
This one is the exact same as my other one, except for different processing and none of my crap is on it. It's still really good and I'm glad that it got bought for me 8)

If you're wondering what happened to my old one, well you see the cores form my extra keybord and charger caught tangled. And as I tried to stop the keyboard from falling on the couch, the computer feel, not even a foot though. The screen was BUSTED and I have to wait until I get another monitor hooked up to be able to tranfer all of my files from that computer to this one.

So no new art and crap for awhile. Because I need to get ever anything set up on this laptop. Plus I need to get it checked because when I type it sometimes goes to a random spot in a line of whatever I'm typing and it's really annoying.

Thanks for reading!